List of Exhibits

Chapter 5: The T1-Auto Inc. Production Part Testing (PPT) Process—A Workflow Automation Success Story

Exhibit 1: Old PPT Process
Exhibit 2: Workflow Enabled PPT Process

Chapter 6: Heineken USA—Reengineering Distribution with HOPS

Exhibit 1: Beer Supply Chain
Exhibit 2: Old Distribution Process
Exhibit 3: New Distribution Process
Exhibit 4: Benefits from HOPS
Exhibit 5: Net Profit of Heineken 1997–2000
Exhibit 6: Per Capita Expenditure on Beer 1995–2000
Exhibit 7: Per Capita Consumption of Beer 1995–2000

Chapter 20: ERP Implementation in State Government

Exhibit 1: State of Louisiana Government Organization Chart
Exhibit 2: Division of Administration Organization Chart
Exhibit 3: ISIS Project Team Structure
Exhibit 4: Civil Services Organization Structure
Exhibit 5: Breakdown of Division of Administration Offices

Chapter 26: Efficient Data Management in E-Business Transactions

Exhibit 1: Financial Figures (Total Sales)
Exhibit 2: Financial Figures (Clothes and Accessories Sales)
Exhibit 3: The Company's Organization Chart
Exhibit 4: The Architecture of the Proposed System
Exhibit 5: The Proposed Supply Chain Management System

Chapter 32: The QUIPUDATA Case—Implementing a Quality Initiative in an IT Organization

Chart 1: Introducing the Management Model
Chart 2: QUIPUDATA Management Indicators

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