List of Tables

Chapter 1: Assessing the Introduction of Electronic Banking in Egypt Using the Technology Acceptance Model

Table 1: Research Variables
Table 2: Research Hypotheses
Table 3: Customer Preferences for Different Delivery Channels
Table 4: Bank Profiles
Table 5: Overall Subject Demographics
Table 6: Association Coefficients for the Model on ATM (α = 0.05)
Table 7: Association Coefficients for the Model on Credit Cards (α = 0.05)
Table 8: Association Coefficients for the Model on Phone Banking (α = 0.05)
Table 9: Association Coefficients for the Model on Internet Banking (α = 0.05)

Chapter 3: The Relation Between BPR and ERP Systems— A Failed Project

Table 1: Vicro Communications Five Year Summary
Table 2: First Call Earnings Estimates Summary, Vicro Communications

Chapter 4: Implementing a Data Mining Solution for an Automobile Insurance Company—Reconciling Theoretical Benefits with Practical Considerations

Table 1: Main Players and Their Roles in the Case
Table 2: Points for Risk Factors
Table 3: Aggregated Points of Risk Groups
Table 4: Cost Ratio of Risk Groups

Chapter 7: A Dream Project Turns Nightmare—How Flawless Software Never Got Implemented

Table 1: Time Line of Project
Table 2: Participants' Responsibilities and Major Milestone Schedule

Chapter 8: Humanware Issues In A Government Management Information Systems Implementation

Table 1: Apportioned Funding Levels for Prime Contractor Over the Contract Life
Table 2: Apportioned Funding for the MIS Development Project
Table 3: Components and Processes of the IPPMIS
Table 4: Human Factors in Technology

Chapter 10: Managing Information Security on a Shoestring Budget

Table 1: Comparison of OSS and Proprietary Security Products
Table 2: Cost of the Security Infrastructure Implementation at IIML
Table 3: Cost of the Annual Maintenance Contract

Chapter 14: Integration of Third-Party Applications and Web Clients by Means of an Enterprise Layer

Table 1: Commercial and Technical View on Products
Table 2: Object-Event Table for the Order Handling System
Table 3: Summary of the Possible Interaction Mechanisms Between Application and Enterprise Layer

Chapter 18: Web-Enabling for Competitive Advantage—A Case Study of Himalayan Adventures

Table 1: Customer Nationality
Table 2: Income Statements of Himalayan Adventures

Chapter 19: Balancing Theoretical and Practical Goals in the Delivery of a University-Level Data Communications Program

Table 1: SEEQ Evaluation Results for the Data Communication Course
Table 2: SEEQ Evaluation Results for the Advanced Data Communications Course
Table 3: Networking Academy Evaluation for the Data Communications Course
Table 4: Networking Academy Evaluation for the Advanced Data Communications Course

Chapter 22: Globe Telecom–Succeeding in the Philippine Telecommunications Economy

Table 1: Telephone Line Commitments and Installations Under the Basic Telephone Program
Table 2: Teledensity in the Philippines by Region
Table 3: Philippine Telecommunications Industry Structure

Chapter 25: Computer Service Support at Glenview Hospital

Table 1: Glenview Employees
Table 2: Glenview Hospital Services
Table 3: Glenview Hospital Figures and Facts (2001)
Table 4: Definition of Data Quality Variables
Table 5: Percentage of Requests Handled by each Tier

Chapter 29: Systems Development by Virtual Project Teams—A Comparative Study of Four Cases

Table 1: Use of WebCT Tools in Virtual Teams
Table 2a: Behaviors of Virtual Teams According to Archetype (Based on Lau et al., 2000)
Table 2b: Behaviors of Virtual Teams According to Archetype (Continued)

Chapter 33: Spreadsheets as Knowledge Documents—Knowledge Transfer for Small Business Web Site Decisions

Table 1: Web Site Feature Cost Driver Classifications and Implementation Message Provided, Based Upon Outlay Choice
Table 2: Web Site Feature Cost Driver Classifications and Web Site Development Options, Based on the Level of Employee Expertise

Chapter 37: Nationwide ICT Infrastructure Introduction and its Leverage for Overall Development

Table 1: Comparison of CARNet and an Academic Network in a Country Transition

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