Connecting via Ethernet Broadband

If you packed correctly, you already have the correct Ethernet cable (a straight-through category 5 with RJ-45 connectors at either end) with you and can plug it into the Ethernet port in your room. (If you don't have your trusty cable, you may be able to get one from the hotel concierge or front desk.) Basically, an Ethernet cable looks like a super-sized telephone cable.

When buying an Ethernet cable, be sure to specify a "straight-through" cable as opposed to a "crossover" cable. It's impossible to tell the difference just by looking at them, but crossover cables have a .ipped pair of wires inside and don't work with most computers.

Now that you've juiced up your computer and plugged into the Ethernet (and have finished rolling around or jumping on the bed), it's time to connect and pay the hotel fee to open the data pipe to your room. Nothing could be simpler at this point: Just launch your favorite Web browser and try to go to any Web page. The hotel's server will intercept your page request and re-route you to its "gimme some money" e-commerce system. You'll be presented with a screen that outlines different levels of service and the fees for each. Pick one, enter your credit card number, and you're off. This is the basic routine that millions of travelers perform daily.

So, what makes you different from the other notebook-toting, cell phone-slinging lemmings? You've got this book, for one thing. Let's take a step beyond just plugging in and logging on and see how else you can wield your Global Mobile power.

    Global Mobile. Computing without Walls, without Wires, without Borders
    Global Mobile. Computing without Walls, without Wires, without Borders
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