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When you begin editing, you must first select what part of the sequence you want to edit. Whether you want to edit part of a track, an entire track, multiple tracks, or an entire sequence, you must let Digital Performer know by making the appropri-ate selection. There are several methods for selecting tracks.

Selecting Phrases

Phrases are the small boxes of data that appear in the Tracks window. Individual phrases can be selected simply by clicking on them.


Creating Selection Bounds

When you want to select multiple phrases, you can create a selection bound. Once you have created selection bounds, every phrase in that bound will be selected whenever you click on a track. There are many ways to create selection bounds, including clicking and dragging in the Tracks window or specifying exact time coordinates.

Creating Selection Bounds Visually

You can create selection bounds visually by clicking and dragging across an area in the Tracks window. This way, you don't have to select an entire phrase; you can select all or parts of phrases on multiple tracks.




When you deselect phrases, it's important to note that the selection bounds remain in place until you create new selection bounds.

Creating Exact Selection Bounds

A more precise way of creating selection bounds is by specifying an exact start and stop location for the selection. This can be done from the Selection bar.



Selecting Parts of a Track

Once you have selection bounds in place, you can select the parts of a track that fall within the selection bounds simply by clicking the name of the track.


Selecting an Entire Track and All Tracks

There may be occasions where you will need to either select all of the tracks in your sequence or all of the phrases within an entire track. Rather than having to click and drag selection bounds that encompass all of the phrases, you can take advantage of the Select All feature.



Smart Selections

By default, Digital Performer has the Smart Selections feature turned on. When you make a selection, Digital Performer will also select some of the data before or after the selection if it feels that it is part of the same region. This feature can beeasily turned off or on.


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