Cutting, Copying, and Pasting

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Like almost every other application, Digital Performer provides you with the Cut, Copy, and Paste functions to manipulate your data. These functions can be used to add or remove phrases in the Tracks window. When you cut or copy, the data is recorded in a virtual Clipboard. Data on this Clipboard can then be pasted in any location.





MIDI tracks can only be pasted to other MIDI tracks; Mono tracks can only be pasted to Mono tracks; and Stereo tracks can only be pasted to other Stereo tracks.

Paste Multiple

When you use the Paste function, you can only paste the item that is on the Clipboard to one location at a time. For instance, if I copied a selection and wanted to paste it to three different tracks, I would have to paste it three different times. Using the Paste Multiple feature, you can paste an item that is on the Clipboard to multiple tracks all at one time.




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