Creating a Photographer s Picture Package

Creating a Photographer's Picture Package

Photoshop Elements' Picture Package creates a page with multiple copies of the same image, just like the kind you'd receive from a professional photographer's studio. Photos can be arranged in a number of layouts and sizes, from a sheet made up only of wallet-sized images to a variety pack of different sizes and quantities. Printing images this way is also more economical, because you waste less photo paper.

To make a picture package


Open the photo that you would like to include in your picture package, then from the File menu, choose Print Multiple Photos.

Photoshop Elements automatically launches the Elements Organizer, and the Print Photos dialog box appears (Figure 11.31).

Figure 11.31. The Print Photos dialog box.


From the Select Printer drop-down menu, choose a printer.


From the Select Type of Print drop-down menu, choose Picture Package (Figure 11.32).

Figure 11.32. Choose Picture Package from the list of available print options.

The preview window in the center of the dialog box changes to reflect your print type selection (Figure 11.33).

Figure 11.33. As you select different print options, the preview window will change.

If the file that you intend to print is at too low a resolution to yield a good quality image, Photoshop Elements will present you with a Printing Warning dialog box, including information on the final print resolution you should expect to see.


From the Select a Layout drop-down menu, choose the layout and dimensions for your picture package (Figure 11.34).

Figure 11.34. Layout templates let you display and print a variety of image sizes and orientations.


If you like, select a frame from the bottommost drop-down menu, then click Print to send your completed picture package to the printer.

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