Setting Up Your Computer for Printing

Setting up your computer to print from Photoshop Elements is a simple process, providing you've installed the proper printer driver that you received with your printer. If you stumble at all through this section, refer to the documentation for your particular printer. It will probably also cover the same material as in this topic, but if not, you can return here once your printer is properly installed.

To select a printer


From the File menu, choose Page Setup to open the Page Setup dialog box (Figure 11.35).

Figure 11.35. The Page Setup dialog box.


In the Page Setup dialog box, click the Printer button to open a second Page Setup dialog box (Figure 11.36).

Figure 11.36. Select a printer by clicking the Printer button in the first dialog box.


In the Name drop-down menu (in the topmost dialog box), confirm that the printer you want to use is visible.

If the printer you want to use isn't visible, select it from the list of printers in the Name drop-down menu.


Click OK to close the topmost Page Setup dialog box; then click OK again to close the remaining dialog box.

Your Windows system is ready for printing.

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