Section 4.3. Required .NET Namespaces

4.3. Required .NET Namespaces

The components needed to create simple CLR routines are installed with SQL Server 2005 in the .NET Framework assembly named System.Data.dllpart of the base class library of the .NET Framework and located in both the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) and in the <windir>\Microsoft.NET\Framework\<version> directory. The key namespaces in this assembly are described in Table 4-2.

Table 4-2. .NET namespaces for CLR routines

System.Data.dll namespaces



Classes that comprise the ADO.NET architecture


Classes that support SQL Server 2005-specific functionality


Classes that support .NET CLR functionality inside SQL Server CLR routinesuser-defined functions (UDFs), stored procedures, UDA functions, UDTs, and triggers


Classes that support native SQL Server data types


.NET Frameworks data provider for SQL Server

Programming SQL Server 2005
Programming SQL Server 2005
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