Chapter 13. Reading News, Blogs, and More with Google Reader

In This Chapter:

About Google Reader and RSS Feeds

Subscribe to Feeds

Read Your Feeds

Sort Your Feeds

Manage Your Subscriptions

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds are fast becoming one of the Internet's most popular new types of services. If you're in search of the latest news and information, you don't have to hop from website to website when you use them; you don't even have to do searchesfeeds can be delivered straight to you.

One of the most common uses of RSS feeds are for reading blogs, but RSS feeds are not limited to blogs alone. News sites and services, such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters, and many others now have feeds as well, so you can have breaking news delivered to you the instant it happens. And other sites are taking up RSS as well.

In this chapter, you'll learn how to use Google Reader, Google's free RSS reader.

Google Search and Tools in a Snap
Google Search and Tools in a Snap
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