Section 83. About Advanced Blogger Features

83. About Advanced Blogger Features



Customize Your Blog Settings

Power Up Your Blogging with Blogger Add-ins

This chapter has given you a good start on setting up and creating a blog. But Blogger has so many features and blogging can be such a complex endeavor that an entire book could be written about creating blogs with Blogger.


If you want to keep up on the latest news, power tools, and Tips for using Blogger, check in regularly to the Blogger Buzz page at

A great way to take advantage of advanced features is to use HTML in your blogs. Blogger can use any HTML you can throw at it, so study up on HTML and then start using it. But make sure not to add too many fonts and special effects. The point of blogging is simplicity and your words; special effects can get in the way.

An excellent way to make your blog stand out is to create your own template. Blogger has only a limited number of precreated templates available, and so blogs can often seem similar to one another because of their look. But creating your own template in HTML makes your blog stand out from other blogs. To create your own template, go to your Dashboard, click the gear icon under the Change Settings column, click the Template link at the top of the Settings page, and then click Edit Current.

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