Using Crystal Enterprise with Web Desktop


The Crystal Enterprise infrastructure from Business Objects comes with a number of standard applications that can be used to operate and administer Crystal Enterprise from both an end-user and administrator's perspective. Chapter 22, "Introduction to Crystal Enterprise," provided an introduction to the Crystal Enterprise infrastructure and building on that, this chapter describes the tools available to use and administer the Crystal Enterprise system.

These Web-based applications are the starting point for accessing the Web information delivery functionality of Crystal Enterprise.

All the sample applications provided by Business Objects are based upon the application programming interface (API) described in Part VII of the book, "Customized Report DistributionUsing Crystal Enterprise Embedded Edition." This means that the highlighted applications are customizable and, in fact, the source code for the applications ships with the Crystal Enterprise application. The two applications installed by default are the Crystal Enterprise User Launchpad and the Crystal Enterprise Admin Launchpad.


In versions of Crystal Enterprise prior to version 10, both the User Launchpad and the Admin Launchpad applications were found under the Crystal Enterprise Launchpad.

Special Edition Using Crystal Reports 10
Special Edition Using Crystal Reports 10
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