Advanced Scenarios with the Crystal Enterprise Object Model

In Chapter 34, "Introduction to the Crystal Enterprise Professional Object Model," you learned how to log on to Crystal Enterprise, present a list of available reports, and view those reports. This chapter and Chapter 36, "Creating Enterprise Reporting Applications with Crystal Enterprise Part II," cover more advanced functionality with the object model that comes into play when building robust enterprise reporting applications. This chapter covers the following topics:

  • Scheduling
  • History
  • InfoObject properties
  • Searching
  • Alerting
  • Crystal Analysis reports
  • Program objects
  • Events


Chapter 34 introduced you to the Crystal Enterprise Software Development Kit (SDK) and provided sample code in Active Server Pages (ASP) using the COM SDK. To provide insight into the Java SDK, this chapter provides all code samples as Java Server Pages (JSP) using the Java SDK.

Special Edition Using Crystal Reports 10
Special Edition Using Crystal Reports 10
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