Installing the Crystal Repository

The Crystal Repository is installed by default and is included in the CMS database that is required to run Crystal Enterprise. This database includes all information regarding the users, groups, managed objects such as Crystal Reports, various Crystal Servers, and also all the Crystal Repository information such as text, bitmap, functions, SQL Commands, and Business Views. To install the Crystal Repository samples, the user needs to open the Business View Manager and from the Tools menu, run the Install Repository Samples option, shown in Figure 17.1.

Figure 17.1. From the Business View Manager, the user can install both sample Business Views and sample repository objects.



One component that was not included in the Crystal Repository is report templates. Although it is possible to secure the template via Crystal Enterprise security, it is not possible to automatically loop through all the reports that reapply a new template. This task is possible but it is a manual process or requires that an administrative script be written. For more information on writing these scripts, refer to Chapter 36, "Creating Enterprise Reporting Applications with Crystal Enterprise Part II."

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Special Edition Using Crystal Reports 10
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