Crystal Enterprise User Launchpad

The User Launchpad is a Web-based application that provides a broad range of functionality and enables the end user to interact with the Crystal Enterprise infrastructure. The HTML page provides links to documentation, samples, Web-based help, and the Admin Launchpad (see Figure 23.1).

Figure 23.1. Crystal Enterprise User Launchpad provides the entry point for a user.


The Launchpad is broken down into the following components:

  • Crystal Enterprise Web Desktop: Provides a feature-rich application for users to interact with reports and other objects. (Crystal Enterprise Web Desktop was known as ePortfolio in prior versions.)
  • Crystal Offline Viewer: Enables the user to download a Crystal Reports viewer to his local machine.
  • Crystal Enterprise Add-in for use with Microsoft Excel: Enables the user to download the Excel plug-in, as previously described in Chapter 21, "Ad-Hoc Application and Excel Plug-in for Ad-Hoc and Analytic Reporting."
  • Documentation: Web-based user and getting started guides.
  • Client Samples: Various samples that demonstrate different sample applications that provide the user with a different look and feel. It also gives developers ideas how to build upon the API.
  • Mobile Samples: Mobile desktop launches a sample interface for developing content to be delivered on a mobile device such as a cell phone or PDA.
  • Administrative Applications: A link to the Administrative Launchpad.
  • More on the Web: Web-based support and information on where to go to find patches and updates.


By default, for the English and CSP version, the application is installed under


The application is also available in a JSP version and packaged in the desktop.war file. For procedures on deploying a .war file, refer to your Java Application Server instructions.

Although all the applications provided on this page are useful, the most feature-rich application, and the one explored in this chapter, is the Crystal Enterprise Web Desktop.

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