Locating RAS Components in a Network Architecture

Though the default installation places both the RAS SDK and RAS on the local machine, they can be installed on separate computers.

Specifying Separate RASs

The server attribute of the clientSDKOptions.xml file defines the location of the RAS. This file is created in the jar folder under Program FilesCommon FilesCrystal Decisions during the RAS installation. This file can be modified to indicate the location of the RAS when installed separately. This can also be done programmatically using the RAS SDK, which will be illustrated by examples later in the chapter.

The location of the clientSDKOptions.xml file can be specified either statically, by setting a classpath that points to the file, or dynamically, by specifying the location of this file. Load balancing can be enabled where there are multiple RASs by specifying the location of all the RASs on the network in the clientSDKOptions.xml file.

Setting a Static Location

Adding the file path of the file clientSDKOptions.xml to the Web application servers CLASSPATH environment variable specifies the location of the file statically. The file path might also need to be added to the CLASSPATH on the local system. More information regarding adding classpaths might be found on the Web servers documentation information.

Deploying RAS in a Dynamic Location

The location of the clientSDKOptions.xml file can be specified at runtime. From the JSP or Java files use the Java method setProperty from the System class. Set the system property indicated by the ras.config key to the specified directory as follows:


This specifies that to locate RAS servers, the clientSDKOptions.xml file in c:/temp will be used. Using the web.xml file (located by default in the WEB-INFdirectory of your Web application) to specify the location of the clientSDKOptions.xml will avoid hard-coding the location for the clientSDKOptions.xml file throughout your program.

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