Migration of the Crystal Enterprise Repository



Editing Custom Functions

I can't seem to edit my custom functions from the Repository Explorer.

Custom functions are not editable from the Repository Explorer because they are housed inside of Formulas. To view custom functions available in the Repository, go to Report, Formula Workshop. In the group tree, the Crystal Repository branch can be seen and all custom functions can be viewed from there.

Business Views Are Gone

When creating a new report I see my available Business Views; however, after I open the Repository Explorer in Crystal Reports, the Business Views disappear.

The Repository Explorer in Crystal Reports is context-sensitive and only displays objects that can be used within the report itself.

Migrating the Repository

In Crystal Reports 9, the sample Repository database was in Microsoft Access format. Can I migrate this to Microsoft SQL Server database for use with version 10?

In Crystal Enterprise version 10, Microsoft Access is not a supported Repository database. The Access database will need to be migrated to a support database such as SQL Server. The Crystal Repository Migration Wizard will connect to the Access database and transfer all the data to the SQL Server database for the user. However, for this to be successful, it assumes the user has not modified the Access database.

Special Edition Using Crystal Reports 10
Special Edition Using Crystal Reports 10
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