Printing Reports from the Browser

Viewing reports in electronic form is very valuable but as much as the "paperless office" is talked about, people still need to print reports to printers. The Java Reporting Component has the capability to print reports via the print button on the viewers toolbar. Like the Export button, for the Print button to show, the viewer must be set to own the page via the isOwnPage attribute or setOwnPage method of the CrystalReportViewer object. When this button is clicked, a window opens asking the user which pages they want to print. This dialog is shown in Figure 28.5.

Figure 28.5. Print a report using the report viewer.


When the user clicks the Print button, the report opens in the Adobe PDF viewer, from which the user can then click Adobes Print button. This prints the report to the users printer.

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Special Edition Using Crystal Reports 10
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