An Overview of the Crystal Reports 10 .NET Components

Crystal Reports 10 provides developers working within Visual Studio .NET with a fast, productive way to create and integrate presentation-quality, interactive reports to meet the demands of their applications end users. Crystal Reports 10 enhances the .NET platform by allowing you to

  • Create reports from virtually any data source
  • Deliver interactive, graphical report content in rich-client (Windows Forms), zero-client environments (Web Forms), or any device through an XML Web Services model
  • Save time and write less code by leveraging existing Crystal Reports and report creation knowledge within .NET projects

To accomplish this, Crystal Reports 10 provides a broad offering of .NET technologies for delivering reports inside .NET applications. The following sections cover each component at a high level. They are

  • The Report Designer
  • The Report Engine Object Model
  • The Windows Forms Viewer
  • The Web Forms Viewers

Special Edition Using Crystal Reports 10
Special Edition Using Crystal Reports 10
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