Using Top N with Cross-Tabs Reports

Group sorts can be done on a report level so that the records are sorted and removed as necessary. However, there are times when the records are needed in the overall report but not in a cross-tab.

  1. Right-click in the top-left corner of the cross-tab where there is no data or words and choose Group Sort Expert. Choose Top N for the primary list box and change 5 to 10 in the Where N Is field. In this example, make sure that the Others option is not selected.
  2. Click OK in the Group Sort Expert to view the final result, as shown in Figure 10.5.

    Figure 10.5. Cross-tab with a Group Sort applied.

  3. Save your work by choosing File, Save As. Call this cross-tab2.rpt and then click OK.

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Special Edition Using Crystal Reports 10
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