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Amy Babinchak holds degrees from Michigan State University in Public Affairs, Natural Resources, and Environmental Economics. In 1995, she made the switch from environmentalist to computer tech after getting tired of applying for grants to do "good works" and ending up as the computer person anyway. At times she has supported Novell 3.12 - 5, Mac OS, Microsoft NT, and everything on up. Amy enjoys learning new things, so when ISA showed up in SBS 2000 she viewed it as a challenge and focused on mastering this new security tool. She started Harbor Computer Services in 2000 to fill an obvious gap in qualified small business support. In 2005, her company was recognized by Microsoft as the first Small Business Specialist in the Detroit, Michigan, area. Recently Amy has begun speaking to user groups and accepting ISA consulting contracts from other firms. When not running her business, blogging, and supporting clients, she can be found on Lake Huron getting away from it all on her sailboat without which she would shrivel up and die.

Timothy Truman Barrett is cleverly disguised as a mild-mannered geek. He actually is a happily married man with his lovely wife of 15 years, Dayna. They have two wonderful daughters, Stephanie and Lauren, who are also lovely. And Tim hates monkeys. A lot.

Obsessed with building things from Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys almost from birth, Tim finally got his first computer at age 15an old, used TRS-80 Model I. It had no instructions or manuals, but by trial and error, he figured out how to make it work. He also learned BASIC and spent the entire summer bugging his mother and six siblings by constantly showing them all the "cool" stuff he could do with it.

After studying computer aided drafting (CAD) and physics at Louisville Technical Institute, he went to work in the healthcare industry. As a veritable "jack-of-all-trades," Tim has worked with just about everything: sewing machines, table saws, X-ray machines, IBM mainframes, phone systems, servers, PCs, and the occasional backhoe.

At age 36, Tim is currently a Microsoft Certified Professional, a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, and the founder of the Kentucky Small Business Server User Group (KYSBSUG). His motto is, "No Geek Left Behind." He also has strong religious values as one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Susan Bradley, SBS MVP, CPA/CITP, MCP, GSEC, also known as the SBS Diva (a nickname given to her by David Coursey from ZDNet), is a geek, blogger (www.msmvps.com/bradley), and a CPA/CITP who holds the GSEC security credential. She writes on patch management issues for Brian Livingston's Windows Secrets newsletter and has co-authored a book on Small Business Server. She also co-authored an e-book on patch management with Anne Stanton for Ecora Software. She is a Microsoft MVP in the categories of Small Business Server and security, and volunteers for the Center for Internet Security in its benchmark and standard setting processes. She has been an "SBSer" since the 4.0 days (yes, believe it or not, she liked the platform even then).

Past chairman of the Technology Committee for the California Society of CPAs, Susan's been a speaker at past SMB Nation events, AICPA Tech Conferences, and regional CPA Technology Conferences. A firm believer that community involvement is key to keeping all of us safe and secure, you can find Susan most days in the newsgroups or blogging or on the PatchManagement.org listserve. She strongly urges businesses of all shapes and sizes to be more secure. Unless she can figure out a way to service patch her end users, the best things she can do to protect them is to lock down desktops and ensure that patches are installed, firewalls enabled, and install antivirus and antispyware on all computers. Susan believes that the key to protecting client data and identities from the bad guys is to be proactive and not reactive.

Susan started her career in computing with IBM 8088 computers and Compaq "luggable" portables. To this day she is convinced that her right arm is longer than her left arm because she lugged those dang "luggables" for an entire summer at an audit job. Now she practically has an RJ45 connection growing out of her body.

Frank Clark has been involved with IT, directly or indirectly, for more than two decades. Since the late 4.0 days, he has become increasingly involved in Microsoft's Small Business Server product line as a customer, consultant, and evangelist. With a detailed-oriented approach and the desire to tinker and learn more, he has delved further under the hood of SBS than few others and enjoys sharing the tales of exploration. His background in EMS and healthcare along with his experience in the U.S. Army provides unique perspectives and solutions utilizing SBS and other technologies while encompassing a healthy dose of security.

Henry Craven cites curiosity as the force that led him to his 15 years in the IT industry. As a commercial photographer, his initial interest in computing was fired by the potential for cataloging and retrieving images. Based on his considerable business experience, he quickly began to apply the new technology to wider business problems, both for himself and clients. Finding early PC software generally too limited to be of real business use, he began writing software in BASIC, Turbo Pascal, and, later, Paradox. This led to the need for networking and the deployment of his solutions over LANs through Novell, OS/2, and early Windows peer-to-peer networks.

An early adopter of MS Access as the primary desktop database application environment for rapid development of small business applications, Henry soon became an authority in small business data-based application development and contributed generously to the online communities of CompuServe, Deja News, and Microsoft public forums.

Henry's commitment to finding real-world solutions for business problems continued when he set Microsoft Small Business Server as his primary focus. Recognized by Microsoft for two years running as a Small Business Server Most Valuable Professional, Henry continues to participate tirelessly in online peer communities and as an expert speaker. Henry sees SBS as providing a much-needed rich, stable, scalable, and affordable network solution and business application platform for small businesses.

Henry attributes his success to these tenets:

  • Listen and learn from all those around you, ceaselessly.

  • Regard yourself as a partner with your clients and apply your expertise to help them achieve their goals.

  • A good solution should be almost transparent to the client.

  • Your client's ability to grow with the technology is a measure of your success.

Javier Gomez is a Microsoft MVP for Small Business Server and an active participant in both online and offline IT communities focusing in the SMB market. Although a chemical engineer by education, he is really an entrepreneur at heart. He strongly believes in using technology not just for the sake of it but as a key business tool to work smarter and faster. As a Microsoft MVP, he has helped hundreds of administrators and end users around the globe to get the most out of their servers. He is a member of several SBS user groups in Maryland; Washington, DC; and Philadelphia. In his free time he enjoys BBQs, movies, beaches, and visiting Puerto Rico.

Chad A. Gross is a Partner and Chief Technology Officer with Mobitech in Omaha, Nebraska, as well as a Microsoft Small Business Server Most Valuable Professional (MVP). Chad earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science from Central College in Pella, Iowa; has worked supporting the computing needs of small businesses since 1999, and has worked with Small Business Server since SBS 4.5. In addition to working with SBS, he also helps clients streamline workflows and maximize their IT investment by creating custom Microsoft Office solutions mostly based on Microsoft Access, Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, and Microsoft SQL Reporting Services. Chad uses his unique combination of technical, accounting, and business administration skills to provide tailored solutions that represent tremendous value to Mobitech's clients. Outside of work, Chad enjoys camping, renovating his home, and walking his dog. Chad lives in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Anne Stanton specializes in leveraging technology within accounting and consulting professional service firms of all sizes all over the world. As a former executive vice president of an advanced practice management software development company for ten years and now as current president of a professional service consulting firm, she continues to increase lines of revenue, streamline procedures, maximize profit, and expand services for best practicing firms. The Norwich Group services are diversified by both business consulting services and technology consulting services within the company. Technology specialties include Customer Relationship Management solutions, Small Business Server, and process focused line-of-business applications. The Business consulting services include leveraging partner affiliations, increasing "A" level clients while weaning "C" level clients, and helping small service firms meet their business goals.

Anne is one of seven globally recognized Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals for the MS CRM software. She is also an active participant in numerous communities and virtual forums. As the moderator of the International Small Business Server Leader's Group, a community of more than 70 international technology group leaders, she leverages contacts to create positive business solutions for all involved. Anne is also the founder of the NH/VT Upper Valley Technology Consultant's Group. She has helped Top 100 accounting and consulting firms all over the country master the practice management software process and has worked with the smallest firms in her area on utilizing their existing office products more efficiently. Anne dives in, helps when she can, and tells you when The Norwich Group services do not meet your needs.

In the first year of business for The Norwich Group, Anne co-authored two books: The Complete Guide to Patch Management and The AICPA's Guide to the 2004 Top Technologies. She also is a contributing writer for Accounting Software 411.com, the CPA Technology Advisor, iSixSigma and the AICPA's IT Section Newsletter, InfoTech Update, as well as other industry-specific journals. Anne is an active speaker and has presented at both technology-specific national conferences (such as SMB Nation) and at accounting industry-specific shows such as The AICPA Technology Conference. She is the editor of the Information Technology Alliance (www.italliance.com) newsletter and an active participant in numerous events. Anne can be reached at astanton@thenorwichgroup.com.

Edward E. Walters is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), and Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA). Living in Rowlett, Texas, he is an independent contractor specializing in Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 and Microsoft Small Business Server 2003.

Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Unleashed
Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Unleashed
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