Anyone who has spent any amount of time working with SBS has come to know the community that exists in support of the product. This community extends well beyond the reach of Microsoft and is championed by the SBS MVPs (Most Valuable Partners). This book is for the SBS community, by the SBS community. The authors who have contributed to this book are consultants, MVPs, and former PSS (Product Support Service) engineers who share one key traitthey are evangelists for the Small Business Server product and want everyone who works with this product to be successful with it.

No single person could have penned this book with the level of detail and expertise that this author group has brought to the table. And to that end, no single person could have adequately done the technical edit either. Key resources in the SBS community were targeted to contribute as authors, reviewers, and editors for this work. Without the help of all of them, this project never could have been completed.

I'd like to thank the following individuals for the help and guidance they provided me for the entire process of putting this book together:

  • Susan Bradley, for coordinating the technical edit of the book, writing a chapter, reviewing the original book proposal, and hooking me up with the right contacts when I mentioned that I ought to write a book.

  • Marina Roos, for reviewing the original book proposal, doing spot-check reviews on chapters while they were in progress, and keeping me on my toes and deadlines.

  • Chad Gross, for contributing a chapter and providing a no-holds-barred review of the original book proposal.

  • Loretta Yates, for never giving up on me or the book. You've been amazing to work with, and I look forward to our next project.

Thanks also to all the authors, reviewers, and editors from the SBS community who contributed to this project. Even though some of your names may not appear in the pages that follow, your efforts are recognized and appreciated.

I'd like to thank the development team at Sams for their patience and understanding through this process and all the obstacles that came our way. The editing crew was one of the best I've worked with in years.

I owe a special thanks to my clients who let me put them off temporarily while I worked to meet a deadline.

Finally, I owe the biggest thanks of all to my wife, Anna, who put up with the late nights, high stress, and lack of free weekends while I worked on this project. I could not have done this without your understanding and support.

Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Unleashed
Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Unleashed
ISBN: 0672328054
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 253
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