Troubleshooting ISA Server Installations

If you have issues when attempting to install ISA Server, refer to these resources.

See Chapter 5, "Upgrading from Microsoft ISA Server 2000," for detailed information that you need to know to upgrade from ISA Server 2000 to ISA Server 2004.

Problems Installing ISA Server on a Domain Controller

First, it is not a good practice to have your ISA server on a domain controller. However, in some cases (most specifically one-server shops that use Small Business Server), it cannot be avoided. ISA Server can have some issues installing on a domain controller. One workaround is to demote the domain controller (first ensuring you have another domain controller in your environment), install ISA Server, and then promote the server to domain controller status again. Check to see that Authenticated Users is a member of the Pre-Windows 2000 Compatible Access Properties and the user installing ISA Server has permission to change the Network Configuration Operators local domain group.

Read through the instructions for demoting a domain controller located at

Examine the Setup Log Files

The ISA Server 2004 installation creates three log files by default, as shown in Table 2-3.

Table 2-3: ISA Server 2004 Installation Log Files
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Log File



The setup wrapper log file records general information about the success or failure of the firewall and MSDE installation.


The Firewall service setup log file records events and errors related to the configuration of the ISA Server 2004 firewall service.


The ISA Server 2004 database setup log file records events and errors related to MSDE.


ISA Server 2004 uses the same log file (for example, ISAxxxx_number.log) for all installation attempts. However, every time you remove ISA Server 2004, two ISAWRAP_number.log files are created with different numbers.

To view these log files, follow these steps:

  1. In Windows Explorer, locate and open the %Windir%\Temp folder.

  2. In the %Windir%\Temp folder, locate any one of the following ISA 2004 Setup log files:

    • ISAWRAP_number.log

    • ISAFWSV_number.log

    • ISAMSDE_number.log

  3. Right-click ISAWRAP_number.log, and then select Open With.

  4. In the Open With dialog box, select Notepad, and then click OK.

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to view the remaining log files.

If you can't connect to the Internet or to the ISA server, you need to configure your networks (see later in this chapter and Chapter 9) and your system policies (see the "Know Your System Policies" section later in this chapter) and set up firewall policies (see Chapter 8, "Configuring ISA Server Firewall Policy").

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