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Chapter 3: The Nature of a Distribution

Table 3-1: Filesystem Hierarchy Standard Summary
Table 3-2: System Runlevels

Chapter 4: Red Hat Linux 7.3

Table 4-1: RPM Architectures
Table 4-2: RPM Package Querying
Table 4-3: Useful RPM Commands
Table 4-4: Red Hat Linux and the Linux FHS
Table 4-5: Red Hat Linux Runlevels
Table 4-6: Important Files from the SysVinit Package
Table 4-7: Important Files from the initscripts Package
Table 4-8: SysV Init Scripts File Naming Pattern
Table 4-9: Red Hat Linux 7.3 Core Library Packages
Table 4-10: XFree86-Related Tools
Table 4-11: Red Hat Linux Configuration Directories

Chapter 5: Slackware Linux 8.0

Table 5-1: Slackware Linux Runlevels
Table 5-2: Slackware Linux 8.0 Core Libraries

Chapter 6: Debian GNU/Linux 3.0

Table 6-1: Debian Packaging System Summary
Table 6-2: Common dpkg Operations
Table 6-3: Common apt-get Operations
Table 6-4: Common dpkg-deb Operations
Table 6-5: Using updated-rc.d
Table 6-6: Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 Core Libraries
Table 6-7: Significant Subdirectories of /etc on Debian GNU/Linux
Table 6-8: Contents of the /etc/network Directory

Chapter 7: Installing and Configuring Software

Table 7-1: Common Options for GNU autoconf's configure Program
Table 7-2: Red Hat Linux /usr/src/redhat Contents
Table 7-3: Debian Archive Files

Chapter 10: Dante SOCKS Library

Table 10-1: Typical Dante Configuration Fields
Table 10-2: Common Dante Route Block Options

Chapter 11: The Apache HTTP Server

Table 11-1: Some Common Apache Compile-Time Options
Table 11-2: Apache Installation Subdirectories
Table 11-3: Programs in the Apache bin Directory
Table 11-4: Default Apache Log Files

Chapter 12: Concurrent Versions System

Table 12-1: CVS Compile-Time Options
Table 12-2: xinetd Configuration File Parameters

Chapter 14: Building a Desktop System

Table 14-1: Desktop Environments and Window Managers
Table 14-2: Office Productivity Applications
Table 14-3: Web Browsers

Chapter 15: A Corporate Software Development Environment

Table 15-1: Core Software Development Tools
Table 15-2: J2EE Application Servers

Chapter 16: Building a Network Firewall

Table 16-1: A Sample Firewall Package List
Table 16-2: Firewall Configuration Variables
Table 16-3: Linux Distribution Update Pages

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