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Chapter 4: Red Hat Linux 7.3

Example 4-1: Creating Symbolic Links to Configure a Service

Chapter 8: OpenSSH Secure Shell

Example 8-1: SysV-compatible Script for OpenSSH sshd

Chapter 9: Pluggable Authentication Modules

Example 9-1: Sample PAM Configuration File

Chapter 10: Dante SOCKS Library

Example 10-1: Example socks.conf File

Chapter 12: Concurrent Versions System

Example 12-1: xinetd Configuration File for CVS pserver Mode

Chapter 13: Sun Microsystems’ Java Development Kit

Example 13-1: J2SDK User Environment Configuration Script

Chapter 15: A Corporate Software Development Environment

Example 15-1: Updated /etc/profile.d/
Example 15-2: Optional Replacement Java Script

Chapter 16: Building a Network Firewall

Example 16-1: A Firewall Configuration Script
Example 16-2: Sample /etc/sysconfig/firewall Configuration
Example 16-3: A dhcpd Configuration File
Example 16-4: A bind Configuration File

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Tuning and Customizing a Linux System
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