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Chapter 1: The Physiology of Linux

The Unix Trademark
Other Possibilities

Chapter 3: The Nature of a Distribution

Partitioning with Upgrades in Mind
Window Manager vs. Desktop Environment

Chapter 4: Red Hat Linux 7.3

The cpio and tar Commands
Understanding Dependencies
Beware the Case!
"Dropping in" New Configurations

Chapter 5: Slackware Linux 8.0

Passing Arguments
To Portmap or Not to Portmap

Chapter 6: Debian GNU/Linux 3.0

Network Transparency Revisited
Globbing for Fun and Productivity
Which Tool Is Best?
Learning a New Linux Distribution in Ten Easy Steps

Chapter 7: Installing and Configuring Software

Software Installation on Multiuser Systems
Tradeoffs: /usr/local vs. /opt
Drop-in File Tip
Watch Out for the Prefix!

Chapter 8: OpenSSH Secure Shell

Just the Facts: OpenSSH
Upgrading OpenSSH
Configurations in Binary Packages

Chapter 9: Pluggable Authentication Modules

Just the Facts: Pluggable Authentication Modules
Don't Forget the other Service!

Chapter 10: Dante SOCKS Library

Unix Shared Libraries and Dante
Just the Facts: Dante SOCKS Library
Watch Out for File Formats

Chapter 11: The Apache HTTP Server

Just the Facts: Apache Web Server
Installation Directory vs. Data File Location
DSOs and Security
Using the MANPATH Variable

Chapter 12: Concurrent Versions System

Just the Facts: Concurrent Versions System
Selecting the Best CVS Mod
Mission-Critical CVS Repositories
Which User Owns the Repository
Using Hybrid CVS Authentication

Chapter 13: Sun Microsystems’ Java Development Kit

Distinguishing between J2SDK and JDK
Just the Facts: Sun Microsystems’ JDK
Understanding JDKs

Chapter 14: Building a Desktop System

IDE ZIP Drives on Other Distributions
ZIP Disk Partitions and Linux

Chapter 15: A Corporate Software Development Environment

Customizing the Automounter

Chapter 16: Building a Network Firewall

Using the Firewall with a Dial-up Connection
ipchains vs. iptables
Handling a Potential File Conflict
Using the Firewall Script with PPP Connections
Choosing an IP Address Range
Exposing Ports
Understanding DHCP Leases
Dropping vs. Rejecting Packets

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Tuning and Customizing a Linux System
Tuning and Customizing a Linux System
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