Office and XML

You can select XML format when saving any Office program's data. When you do, Office converts that document from its native format, such as a Word document, to XML-readable code. If your company wants to publish a document on last year's sales, for example, on its Web site and you are assigned to write the report, your company's technical people might request that you save the document in XML format.

One reason to do so is that your company's Web developers can insert proper XML tags that label key pieces of your document. They might want to place industry-standard XML tags around your important inventory remarks, for instance, so that when XML-aware search engines, such as, scan your document, the search engines will better be able to place your company's Web-site documents in the proper search-results pages. Without XML, the search engines will have little way to file your site's documents properly except by exact word matching. Word matching does not always produce accurate results. XML tags, as described in the previous sections, allow your documents to become richer in content when viewed by other people and programs across the Web.

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