Using the Web Toolbar

To work with the Web inside Excel, it helps to display the Web toolbar. To display the Web toolbar in Excel, right-click any toolbar and choose Web from the shortcut menu. Excel docks the Web toolbar above the Formula bar.

Figure 51.1 shows the tools on the Web toolbar that are for browsing pages backward and forward, refreshing the current page, searching the Web, storing Web pages in the Favorites folder, and entering a URL.

Figure 51.1. The Web toolbar.


Table 51.1 lists the Web tools on the Web toolbar and what they do.

Table 51.1. Web Toolbar Tools


What It Does


Displays the previous Web page


Displays the next Web page

Stop Current Jump

Stops the browser from searching for a Web page

Refresh Current Page

Reloads the current Web page and updates it with the latest information

Start Page

Displays the home page for a Web site

Search the Web

Displays the Web site you requested in the Address box


Stores your favorite Web site addresses


Displays the Go menu that contains commands for navigating through Web pages

Show Only Web Toolbar

Hides all other Excel toolbars and displays only the Web toolbar


Lets you enter a Web address

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