Open Linked Pages into Frames

Open Linked Pages into Frames

When you're using hyperlinks on a framed Web, you must decide which frame will be the target frame. When the hyperlink is selected, the linked page will be opened into this target frame.

Hyperlinks can open a document within its own frame, a different frame, or in a new browser window entirely.

You can designate a target frame whenever you create or edit a hyperlink. The Edit Hyperlink dialog box includes a Change Target Frame button that opens the dialog box shown in Figure 37.4.

Figure 37.4. Selecting a hyperlink's target frame.


You can specify the target frame by name , or you can use one of five alternatives:

  • Page Default ” The frame that all hyperlinks open into when no target frame has been specified

  • Same Frame ” The same frame as the page containing the hyperlink

  • Whole Page ” A new page takes up the entire browser window

  • New Window ” A new page in a new browser window, leaving the existing browser window alone

  • Parent Frame ” The page that contains the hyperlink's frame and any others created at the same time

These alternative targets are useful when you want to break out of the currently displayed frames in some way, either to open new frames or to remove frames entirely.

All of the frame templates in FrontPage set a default target for each page contained in a frame. You can change this by editing one of the properties of that framed page ”right-click the frame, choose Page Properties, and modify the Default Target Frame value.


You can use most of these target frame options with any hyperlink, regardless of whether your Web contains frames. The Whole Page target is useful when you want to make sure a page in your Web is displayed in a full browser window, and the New Window option opens a separate browser window.

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