Create an Alternative to Frames

Create an Alternative to Frames

Although frames were introduced by Netscape in late 1995, people who use text-based browsers and old versions of popular browsers won't be able to use a Web that's reliant on frames. For this reason, many Web developers create an alternative way to view their Webs that doesn't require frames.

In FrontPage, an extra tabbed view called No Frames is available within Page view. This tabbed view displays the alternative page that will appear on non-frame browsing software. The default text for this page states that the Web requires frames in order to use it. No alternative presentation is offered .

You can use the No Frames window to launch a separate navigational route through your Web.


Depending on how a frame page has been designed, you may be able to use it in a Web's nonframe alternative. Its suitability will depend on whether it has hyperlinks of its own rather than relying on another frame page's links.

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