Appendix B Whats on the Companion Web Site

Appendix B What s on the Companion Web Site

All of the scripts that you will see presented in this book are available for download at the book's companion Web site. To visit this Web site, open your Internet browser, type in the URL field, and press Enter. The Web site is shown in Figure B.1.

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Figure B.1: The Microsoft VBScript Professional Projects companion Web site

Some of the things that you will find at this Web site include:

  • Access to download all the VBScripts presented in this book on a chapter-by-chapter basis
  • Access to download all the VBScripts presented in this book as one large download
  • Access to download sample VBScripts from other Premier Press books, including Learn VBScript in a Weekend and Microsoft WSH and VBScript for the Absolute Beginner

Part I - Introducing Microsoft VBScriptBasics

Part II - Professional Project 1 Desktop Administration Using VBScript and the WSH

Part III - Professional Project 2 Analyzing Application Logs

Part IV - Professional Project 3 Creating a Centralized Report Management Station

Part V - Professional Project 4 Reporting Application Summary Data via the Web

Part VI - Introducing Microsoft VBScriptBasics

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