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One way to make a movie with Movie Maker is to follow these steps:

  1. Drag clips to the storyboard/timeline.

  2. Add transitions between clips to direct the style of movie you want to make (fast-paced, slow and easy, or whatever tone you want your movie to portray).

  3. Add a beginning title to introduce your movie.

  4. Select a background musical score, add the score to the movie, and adjust the volume level.

  5. Add titles and credits.

  6. Save the movie.

Instead of following each of those steps, you could do this:

  1. Let AutoMovie do all the work!

From the two previous lists, AutoMovie appears to save you a lot of work ”and it does. You do maintain one advantage in not using AutoMovie, however: You maintain more control over your movie's details. In many cases, you simply cannot allow AutoMovie to create your movie because you must control the way too many details play out, such as when you need to adjust clip lengths, add special sound effects, fade in or out of certain clips, and add special effects to certain scenes. When you want a straightforward movie from your clips, though, especially if that movie falls within one of AutoMovie's predefined styles, you will find that AutoMovie's speed advantage more than makes up for the lack of control over all details of your project.

AutoMovie provides numerous style, title, and audio options to choose from to control the tone of the generated movie.

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