Chapter 8. Simplifying Movie Creation with AutoMovie

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59 About AutoMovie

60 Select AutoMovie's Clips

61 Select an AutoMovie Style

62 Refine AutoMovie's Soundtrack

63 Add Titles to Your AutoMovie

64 Finalize Your AutoMovie

One of Movie Maker's most interesting and unique features is AutoMovie . Instead of requiring you to select clips, drag them to the storyboard/timeline, add transitions, and save the movie, AutoMovie does all this for you. Surprisingly, AutoMovie does a credible job at guessing how it should generate your resulting movie, and can even add background music and generate a movie based on a preselected style you choose.



AutoMovie ” The Movie Maker feature that automatically creates a movie based on clips you select.

When you instruct Movie Maker to create your movie automatically with AutoMovie, you can control the following elements and AutoMovie does the rest:

  • Editing style ” After you enter a style, AutoMovie creates your movie based on your selection. For example, if you select the Sports Highlights style, AutoMovie puts your clips together in a collage of fast pans and zooms to generate excitement in the movie it creates.

  • Movie title ” AutoMovie adds text you specify to the start of the movie, introducing the playback.

  • Audio or background music ” AutoMovie adds background music you select to the movie it generates. You can control the audio level between the two audio tracks, just as you can control audio levels in the movies you produce without AutoMovie ( see 54 Adjust Audio Levels ).

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