This creative debriefing activity at the end of a training session packs a triple punch. It gets trainees right into a review of their seminar notes before they leave to go home, it transfers the responsibility for reinforcing learning from seminar leader to the trainee, and it provides motivation for imagining success through its game format. Seminar Leader Renee Walkup's closing game puts the burden of success on trainees, and she does this through creativity and focus on individual learning.


  • Identifying best practices

  • Generating enthusiasm for the seminar

  • Creating a reminder for using best practices

  • Thinking creatively

  • Mental jogging

  • Reinforcing concepts learned in the seminar


This exercise has benefits for both the seminar leader and for trainees. For the seminar leader, it means that the final exercise is led by trainees themselves rather than by the seminar leader ”a strong indicator that responsibility rests with trainees from now on. Seminar Leader Renee Walkup says that "everyone likes a challenge, especially when it's in a creative format". Instead of the leader's typical facilitating of a question and answer review session of best practices learned in the seminar, the group is empowered to create its own questions. In addition, trainees have an opportunity to look over their notes with a critical eye toward best practices and how they will transfer them to the workplace, creating another reminder of what was learned in class as they review the entire seminar notebook.


  • To review valuable seminar material in a creative way

  • To identify the most usable ideas discussed and covered

  • To begin planning for using best practices learned in the seminar


Pens or pencils


Self- sticking notepads

Participants ' seminar notebooks

Small prizes in quantity enough for members of the winning team ( candy , balls, and "retro" trinkets work well).


Divide the room into space for two teams ; classroom "theater style" can work too.


Approximately 15 to 20 minutes


  1. Divide the trainees into two equal groups: Team A and Team B.

  2. Distribute pads of self-sticking notes to each team.

  3. Ask participants to take a look at their seminar notes and find their best ideas learned. Allow 5 to 10 minutes for this.

  4. Then ask them to create challenging questions pertaining to their notes and write these on the self-sticking notepads, one question per note. The intent of the questions is to focus on the use of a particular best practice which each trainee finds especially good. Prizes will be awarded for the best questions.

  5. Participants then forward their questions to a team facilitator named by each team.

  6. Team A facilitator asks a participant from Team B a question chosen from among those created by Team A. Team B facilitator asks a participant from Team A a question from among those created by Team B. Alternate team facilitators for more interest. Team A's questions are to be answered by Team B; Team B's questions are to be answered by Team A.

  7. Award points to the teams for the best questions and answers.

  8. Give small prizes to winning team members.

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Name :

Renee P. Walkup


5579B Chamblee Dunwoody
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Dunwoody, GA 30338






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Speaker, trainer, author, and sales expert, RENEE WALKUP uses her many years as a sales professional, manager, and entrepreneur to assist others in building their careers through practical, successful methods .

Her reputation as a motivational speaker and expert on sales communication has influenced professionals at companies, including The Coca-Cola Company, Turner Broadcasting, Charles Schwab & Company, Outward Bound, International Thompson Publishing, National Data Corporation, Lehman Brothers, Hewlett Packard, and Nestl USA. She has also facilitated dozens of programs for AMA since 1996.

A guest on numerous radio and television programs, Renee Walkup is often quoted in S elling P ower , S ales and M arketing M anagement , C ompetitive E dge , E xhibitor M agazin e, and others. She is included in the I nternational W ho ' s W ho of E ntrepreneurs and has been nominated twice for W orking W omen 's Entrepreneur of the Year Award. She is the coauthor of five books and is currently working on a business book entitled, P laying by E ar : T he Game of P hone S elling .

Renee has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Stephens College and continues to take courses to enhance her knowledge and better serve clients and seminar participants.

Renee Walkup has taught these AMA seminars :


Principles of Professional Selling Level 2


Fundamentals of Sales Management for the Newly Appointed Sales Manager Level 1


Customer Service Excellence: How to Win and Keep Customers


Managing Superior Customer Service: How to Position Your Department as a Profit Center

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