1.5 How to use this book

1.5 How to use this book

This book contains practical information on setting up and running a call center based on the 10-point development process just described, including guidelines for hiring and retaining staff along with a series of case studies that demonstrate how successful call centers operate. It will be a useful reference and guide to information systems personnel, customer service supervisors and CSRs, call center managers, sales and marketing personnel, as well as members of senior management in any organization who wish to understand the significance of a well-organized, well-managed call center operation.

Summary of topics covered

Chapter 2 provides background and a detailed analysis of the technologies required for an effective call center operation, how to evaluate and select the right technologies, and how to implement them. Chapter 3 offers guidelines for the organization and management of a typical call center, based on the experience of established, successful call center operations. Chapter 4 provides an analysis of the equally important human factors, including staff selection and training, that are so important in meeting call center operating and service-level objectives.

Chapter 5 is an important chapter for learning and understanding how successful call center operations have been implemented using a range of vendor resources and management techniques. In this chapter, a number of case studies are presented in a format that will enable the reader to assess the environment in which each call center was established, the challenges encountered by the development team, and how these challenges were successfully overcome to arrive at a successful, productive call center operation.

In Chapter 6, the significance of the call center in enhancing an organization's corporate CRM (customer relationship management) strategy is described in detail with examples of how the call center can become a major "hub" in this strategy.

Appendix A contains a selection of call center vendor resources, with brief descriptions of products and services as well as contact information. Appendix B is an extensive and comprehensive glossary of call center and CRM terms and definitions. Appendix C provides the reader with a selection of references used in the preparation of this book, as well as a bibliography of other texts relating to call centers and CRM.

Call Center Operation(c) Design, Operation, and Maintenance
Call Center Operation: Design, Operation, and Maintenance
ISBN: 155558277X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 90
Authors: Duane Sharp
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