Lecture Objectives: This electronic textbook presents lectures that may be used in a college or university semester class dealing with the writing of business programs using C++ from Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005. The major programming emphasis is upon the creation of Object Oriented Programs for business and the use of data structures.

Prerequisite requirements: These lectures assume that the student already has taken business courses including accounting. Since this is an intermediate business programming course, it is assumed that the student has experience in introductory programming business applications using the C++ programming language. There are lectures included which will assist the student in reviewing topics that would have been in an introductory business programming class.

In addition the student should be familiar with the following programming concepts:

  • Structure programming:

    • Sequence,

    • Selection

    • Repetition

    • Modularization.

Software requirements: Since the lectures will be based upon Visual Studio .NET 2005, it is assumed that the student has access to this software or a similar C++ compiler. In addition structure charts and UML charts will be used. Therefore it is assumed that the student has access to Microsoft Visio 2003 Professional or a similar program.

The lecture notes: When using these lecture notes, you must have access to an Internet browser that in addition has access to Adobe Acrobat. The lecture notes contain links to C++ examples. When viewing the notes, you should have open Visual Studio .NET 2005 in addition to the browser. Visual Studio .NET should be set up to compile and run a C++ program (How to do this will be illustrated later in the notes.) As you encounter the examples, you should link to them and copy them into your compiles. Look at each example very closely to ensure that you understand what the example is attempting to show.

 Note:  These lectures are menu driven using Adobe Acrobat bookmarks. It is therefore possible to link from the Table of Contents below to a particular lecture and back. Then within each lecture, it is possible to link to a subsection of that lecture and to the many examples that are added to the end of each lecture. Further, it is possible to link from one lecture to the next lecture.

Intermediate Business Programming with C++
Intermediate Business Programming with C++
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