What Is the ZENworks Control Center?

The ZENworks Control Center is the heart of ZENworks 7 Linux Management. It is a task-oriented, web-based management console. If you prefer text-based administration, you can use ZLMAN. You can learn more about ZLMAN commands in Appendix A, "Commands."

The ZENworks Control Center is divided into three primary regions (see Figure 4.1). These regions are the Banner, the Navigation Bar, and the Content region. The Content region is further divided into the Header and the View.

Figure 4.1. Views within the ZENworks Control Center.

The Banner

The Banner at the top of the ZENworks Control Center is always displayed. The contents of the Banner do not change. Within the Banner you find the Novell branding along with two other options. Clicking on Logout logs you out of the ZENworks Control Center and returns you to the login screen. Clicking on Help takes you to the help options, where you can get detailed help about the ZENworks Control Center.

The Banner also contains tabs for easier navigation of tasks. From left to right, these tabs are Home, Devices, Policies, Bundles, Reports, Configurations. Clicking on the Home tab takes you back to your default startup page, or to the last task you were doing on that page. Details about the other tabs can be found in their corresponding chapters.

Clicking on the Novell N on the far right of the Banner takes you to www.novell.com.

Content Views

The Content region is the main area where tasks are performed. There are four different Content Views: the Portal View, the List View, the Settings View, and the Wizard View.


The Portal View is one of the views you will see most often in the ZENworks Control Center. A Portal View is made up of several self-contained subcomponents called snapshots. Each snapshot contains information about a specific part of the system being managed. In Figure 4.2, you can see an example of a workstation Portal View that contains a snapshot for the hardware summary, as well as a snapshot for the effective policies. There is no limit to the number of snapshots that can be displayed in a Portal View.

Figure 4.2. Workstation Portal View.

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