List View

The List View, as you can envision from the name, shows a list of information from data sources like the database and the ZENworks Object Store. The information in the List Views enables you to easily sort, search, and perform actions on the data. Figure 4.3 shows an example of a server list view. In this view you can sort on any column, add or remove columns, as well as perform a search. To sort on a column item, or to change the sort order, simply click on the column heading.

Figure 4.3. Server List View.

Also in the List View are options just above the columns for New, Edit, Delete, and the icon to move up a level. The items in the New and Edit drop-down lists change depending on where you have browsed. You can also see other options next to these. For example, if you are looking at a list of workstations you see the option for Action. However, if you are looking at a list of reports, you see the item for Generate. Remember that some of these options are grayed out until you mark the check box next to a listed item.


The Settings View enables you to change the settings for an object. For example, clicking on the word Advanced on the title bar for a snapshot takes you to the settings for that snapshot (see Figure 4.4).

Figure 4.4. Hot List Settings View.


The Wizard View enables multistep, or complicated, tasks to be accomplished step by step. One example of a Wizard View is the creation of a policy (see Figure 4.5). You can see more about creating policies and the steps needed by going to Chapter 9, "Policies."

Figure 4.5. New Policy Wizard View.

Navigation Bar

Each view already described is coupled with the Navigation Bar. The contents of the Navigation Bar vary based on the Content View. For example, when you click on the Devices tab in the Banner, the top of the Navigation Bar changes to Device Tasks.

Some items in the Navigation Bar may always be shown if they are global. An example of a global item is the Frequently Used option. The items that display under the Frequently Used option are automatically built as you perform tasks. Your top ten frequently performed tasks are listed. The most frequently performed task is at the top of the list. Items in the list that are not used for five days are automatically removed from the list. The Frequently Used list is not customizable in this release.

Object Browser

In some cases you are required to select multiple objects. In these cases, you are taken to the Object Browser. One example of using the Object Browser is to add a server to the Watch List (see Figure 4.6).

Figure 4.6. Select Servers Object Browser.

To select items in the Object Browser, either click on the arrow icon next to the item, or click Select All. To remove items, click on the delete icon next to the item, or click on Remove All.

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