real evidence
Any physical objects that you can bring into court . Real evidence can be touched, held, or otherwise observed directly.
relevant evidence
Evidence that serves to prove or disprove facts in a case.
Request for Comments (RFC)
Started in 1969, a series of notes about the Internet. An Internet document can be submitted to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) by anyone , but the IETF decides if the document becomes an RFC. Each RFC is designated by an RFC number. Once published, an RFC never changes. Modifications to an original RFC are assigned a new RFC number.
Devices used to forward packets.
search warrant
A court order that allows law enforcement to search and/or seize computer equipment without providing advance warning to the equipment owner.
searching tool
A tool that searches for patterns (mostly string patterns) in a large number of files.
Second/Third Extended Filesystems (ext2/ext3)
State-based filesystems used by the Linux operating system.
security policies
Specifications for a secure environment including such items as physical security requirements, network security planning details, a detailed list of approved software, and Human Resources policies on employee hiring and dismissal.
A program developed by New Technologies, Inc. (NTI) that locks a seized computer and warns the computer operator that the computer contains evidence and should not be operated.
A computer that has the capacity to provide services to other computers over a network. Servers can have multiple processors, a large amount of memory, and many hard drives .
signature analysis
A filter that looks at both the header and the contents of the datagram, usually referred to as the packet payload.
site survey
Notes, photographs, drawings, and any other documentation that describes the state and condition of a scene.
slack space
The space on a hard disk between where the file ends and where the cluster ends.
social engineering
A method of obtaining sensitive information about a company through exploitation of human nature. Also the process of encouraging someone else to carry out a task (normally requiring more access to a particular resource than you possess) on your behalf .
Unsolicited 'junk' e-mail often sent to a large number of people.
spanning across multiple discs
Breaks the image file into chunks of a certain size so the image file can be backed up onto multiple CD recordable discs or other media types.
The process of hiding the existence of a message by embedding it in another message or file. The very existence of the embedded message is unknown.
A court order that compels an individual or organization to surrender evidence.
substitution cipher
A cipher that substitutes each character in the original message with an alternate character to create the encrypted message.
A court order that compels a witness to appear in court and answer questions.
swap file
Space on a hard disk used as the virtual memory extension of a computer's actual memory.
symmetric algorithm
Another name for a private key encryption algorithm.

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