temporary Internet files
Copies of all the HTML, GIF, JPG, and other files associated with the sites a user has visited on the Internet.
testimonial evidence
Evidence consisting of witness testimony, either verbal or in written form. Testimonial evidence can be presented in person by the witness in a court or through a recorded deposition.
trace evidence
Traces of data either left behind or found with a criminal that can be used to prove that a crime was committed.
A command used to see where a network packet is being sent and received in addition to all the places it goes along the way to its destination.
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) network
A network that uses the TCP/IP protocol.
unerase tool
A utility that assists in recovering previously deleted files. In some cases, files can be completely recovered. At other times, only portions of the file can be recovered.
Universal Serial Bus (USB)
A connectivity standard that allows for the connection of multiple devices without the need for software or hardware.
user ID
A string of characters that identifies a user in a computing environment.
virtual FAT (VFAT)
Also called FAT32, an enhanced version of the FAT filesystem that allows for names longer than the 8.3 convention and that uses smaller allocation units on the disk.
A program or piece of code that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge and is designed to attach itself to other code and replicate. It replicates when an infected file is executed or launched.
voluntary surrender
Permission granted by a computer equipment owner to search and/or seize the equipment for investigative purposes.
war dialing
Uses an automated software application that attempts to dial numbers within a given range of phone numbers to determine if any of those numbers are actually used by modems accepting dial-in requests .
A universal hexadecimal editor used in computer forensics, data recovery, low-level data processing, and IT security.
wireless access point (WAP)
Network device that contains a radio transmitter/receiver and that is connected to another network. A WAP provides wireless devices access to a regular wired network.
A desktop computer that has enhanced processing power, memory, and capabilities for performing a special function, such as software or game development.
Similar in function and behavior to a virus, with the exception that a worm does not need user intervention. It takes advantage of a security hole in an existing application or operating system and then finds other systems running the same software and automatically replicates itself to the new host.
Zip drive
A small, portable, high-capacity floppy disk drive developed by Iomega Corporation used primarily for backing up or archiving PC files.
Zip file
A single compressed file that contains a complete set of programs or files.

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Computer Forensics JumpStart
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