A box or grid used to arrange text or pictures in neat rows and columns ; often used in FrontPage 2003 to organize the entire layout of the page.


A code in the HTML language.

See [bookmark]

In FrontPage 2003 , an activity assigned to an individual as part of coordinating a multi-author Web authoring project, usually over a network on which FrontPage 2003 is installed.

task pane

In FrontPage 2003 and all Office 2003 programs, a panel along the right side of the screen that opens to help you perform certain tasks , such as opening a Web site to edit or applying a theme .


A preformatted Web page (containing sample text and pictures) that a Web author uses to model a new page on.


In FrontPage 2003 , a set of formatting instructions governing the background, fonts , colors, and button styles in a page. Themes provide a fast way to design a page or change a design and to apply a matching design to multiple pages in a FrontPage Web site .


In a Web page, a small, low-resolution picture that, when clicked, opens a full-size image of the same picture. Thumbnails are used in photo galleries .


The name that identifies a particular Web page. A Web page's title appears in the title bar at the top of the browser window.


In a program, a row of icons or buttons , usually near the top of the program's window, that you can click to perform common tasks.

Easy Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
Easy Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
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Authors: Ned Snell

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