A program written in JavaScript , VB Script, Perl, or another such language, that can be invoked from a Web page to perform a particular task, such as processing a form .

search engine

A program, such as Google, often accessed through a Web page, that provides a way to search for specific information.


Text, a picture, or some other object that the author has highlighted so that the next action the author performs affects only the highlighted text, picture, or object.


A computer on a network, used to store information and "serve" it to other computers that contact it through the network. A Web server stores Web pages that it serves to the browsers that contact it through the Internet.


Software programs that users are permitted to acquire and evaluate for free. Shareware is different from freeware in that, if a person likes the shareware program and plans to use it on a regular basis, he or she is expected to send a fee to the programmer.


A block of text on a Web page, usually near the bottom, that identifies the page's author or the Webmaster . Signatures often include a mailto link to the author's email address .

See [paragraph style]
style sheet

A technology that enables a Web author to more precisely control the appearance of a Web page and to easily apply and modify that design in multiple pages.


A collection of pages in a FrontPage Web site that branches off another level of pages at least one level below the top page.


A character that's not on the keyboard, such as a copyright symbol. In FrontPage 2003 , you add symbols to your pages from a special dialog box .

Easy Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
Easy Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
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