page transition

An animated effect that plays when a visitor moves between two pages in a FrontPage Web site or exits or enters the site.


Any block of text ending in a paragraph mark ().

paragraph break

The space between two paragraphs in which a hidden paragraph mark appears.

paragraph formatting

Text formatting, such as paragraph styles or alignment , that can be applied only to a whole paragraph or paragraphs, never to only selected characters within a paragraph, like character formatting .

paragraph style

The principal form of text formatting on a Web page. Paragraph styles include six levels of headings , a style for normal text, and several different styles for creating lists.

Photo gallery

A feature of FrontPage 2003 that enables the author to easily create and update a page displaying a gallery of photo images.

position box

A feature of Dynamic HTML that enables a Web author to precisely position a picture or other object within the area of a Web page.


General term for copying Web pages to a Web server so that they can be viewed by others on the Web. The final step of Web authoring.

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