Navigation view

A version of the FrontPage 2003 window displayed when the user clicks the Navigation button in the Views bar . Used for managing a FrontPage Web site .


Sometimes called Netscape , a popular browser.

nested list

A multilevel bulleted list or numbered list in which some list items are indented to form sublists under the item above them, as in an outline.


Short for Netscape Communications Corporation, a software company that developed and markets the Netscape Navigator Web browser . Some people casually refer to Navigator as "Netscape."


A set of computers interconnected so that they can communicate and share information. Connected networks together form an internetwork.

numbered list

A list of items in which each item is preceded by a number, and the numbers go up as the list goes down.

See also [bulleted list]

Office 2003

A suite of application programs from Microsoft, available in several versions.

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