To help you differentiate between different types of information presented in this book, we have used different text styles and layout.

  • Important words and new terminology appear as Important words.

  • Text written onscreen by the computer looks as follows:

     I'm your trusted computer 
  • Text written onscreen and typed by you looks as follows:

     Hello computer, are you there? 
  • While writing text onscreen special keys pressed by you, such as the enter key, are symbolized by <enter>.

  • Code shown as part of code examples has the following appearance:

     private static void Main() 
  • The line continuation symbol graphics/ccc.gif is positioned at the beginning of a source code line and indicates that the preceding line of code was too long to fit the page. The previous line and the line following graphics/ccc.gif should be regarded as one line.


C# Primer Plus
C Primer Plus (5th Edition)
ISBN: 0672326965
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2000
Pages: 286
Authors: Stephen Prata

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