Points to Remember

  • Tiles (also called cells) allow the reuse of most visual assets you create for a game, and can be the building blocks for the appearance of many games.

  • Tiles help you assemble an entire game world using code.

  • Using a simple math trick only possible with TBWs, you can greatly reduce the processing power needed to run your game.

  • A tile is a movie clip.

  • The data structure used with tile-based worlds (one object for each tile) makes storing information about each tile very easy.

  • You can easily store the information needed to build a TBW in an external file or database. This information, which usually represents a level in a game, can later be loaded in, and the world or level constructed.

  • Nested loops are used to build a grid of tiles for your game.

  • A trick to pinpoint the location of a character allows you to then perform collision detection only between the character and the objects in that cell, which reduces the code intensity because you are not checking for collisions with every object on the screen, only the ones in that cell.

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