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advanced topics in end user computing, volume 3
Advanced Topics in End User Computing, Volume 3
by M. Adam Mahmood (ed) ISBN:1591402573
Idea Group Publishing 2004 (300 pages)

This text features the latest research findings dealing with end user computing concepts, issues, and trends. It provides a forum to advance the practice and understanding of end user computing in organizations.

Table of Contents
Advanced Topics in End User Computing, Volume 3
Section I - E-Commerce Processes and Practices
Chapter 1- TAM or Just Plain Habit: A Look at Experienced Online Shoppers
Chapter 2- Assessing Customer Perceptions of Web Site Service Quality in Digital Marketing Environments
Chapter 3- On-Line Retailing: What Drives Success? Evidence From Ireland
Chapter 4- Website Retailing: Electronic Supply Chain Replenishment
Chapter 5- A Meta-Analysis Approach Toward the Development of an Integrative Framework for Online Consumer Behavior Research
Chapter 6- Understanding Web Information Search Behavior: An Exploratory Model
Chapter 7- Motivation and Search Intensity: An Investigation of Online Consumer Search Behavior
Chapter 8- Customer Perceptions of a Thin-Client Micro-Payment System: Issues and Experiences
Chapter 9- Virtual Reality, Involvement and the Consumer Interface
Section II - End Users Commitment, Dissatisfaction, and System's Failure
Chapter 10- Roles of Computer Self-Efficacy and Outcome Expectancy in Influencing the Computer End User's Organizational Commitment
Chapter 11- Understanding the Hidden Dissatisfaction of Users Toward End User Computing
Chapter 12- Internet Shopping Model and Customer Perceptions: A Study of UK Supermarkets
Chapter 13- Testing a Self-Directed Model of Organizational Learning in an it Planning Context
Section III - End User Performance, Productivity, and Training
Chapter 14- Exploring the Effects of Hardware Performance, Application Design, and Cognitive Demands on User Productivity and Perceptions
Chapter 15- The Impact of Computer Processor Speed on End-User Productivity
Chapter 16- An Overview of Acquiring Cognitive Skills While Receiving Spreadsheet Training
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Advanced Topics in End User Computing (Vol. 3)
Advanced Topics in End User Computing, Vol. 3
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