Modulating a Bounced Loop

Now we're going to make some adjustments to the beat loop in the second loop player.

To use the filter envelope on a beat


With your two Dr. Rex loops bounced to the Sequencer (done in the preceding section), set up your Sequencer loop points to the playback length you want. Press play.


Go to the front panel of the second loop player. Push the filter envelope Res fader to about 1/4 and set the Freq fader to about 1/4 (Figure 6.159).

Figure 6.159. Set the filter for your space beat.

Dropping the Freq fader gives the filter envelope room to move. Boosting the resonance will provide the "spacey" effect. (Use lower resonance values if you want less of this effect.)


Set the decay stage to about 41 and the Amount fader to 127 (Figure 6.160).

Figure 6.160. Set the filter envelope for your space beat.

Low decay values keep the envelope tight and percussive.


  • Just as in the SubTractor, the Dr. Rex filter and pitch envelopes are trumped by the amp envelope. In other words, if the amp envelope is tightened up with low fader positions, the other envelopes won't have much effect, since the amp envelope will be muting much of the sound.

  • By default, the Dr. Rex Loop Player does not respond to velocity with volume changes. To set this up, you'll need to go to the Velocity section and turn the Amp knob to the right to get a standard velocity-to-volume effect.

The filter envelope can be used to control pitch by increasing or decreasing (inverted envelope) the Osc. Pitch section's Env Amount knob.

Even when the filter is disabled, the envelope controls still work for pitch. Leaving the Env Amount knob at 12 o'clock (to zero) turns the pitch feature off.

To use the pitch envelope


Turn off the Filter section so that we can better hear the pitch effect.


Turn the Osc. Pitch/Env Amount knob left to 4, to activate the pitch envelope (Figure 6.161). This Env Amount setting creates an inverted pitch envelopemeaning that the pitch will move farther down as the envelope faders go higher.

Figure 6.161. The oscillator Env Amount knob turns the filter envelope into a pitch shifter.


Increase the filter envelope decay stage to move the pitch farther, or turn the Osc. Pitch/Env Amount knob higher to increase the overall effect.

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