Rearranging Slices in Your Sequencer

After they're bounced to a track, many Rex loops can be rearranged in the Sequencer. This allows you to use the Dr. Rex like a drum machine.

To scramble slices in a track


Go to your Dr. Rex 2 Sequencer track and adjust the window to look at one set of loop notes.


Using the slice ruler or master keyboard, audition various slices until you find some that are good-sounding hits (Figure 6.162).

Figure 6.162. Audition slices in the Rex lane using the slice ruler.


With a good kick, snare, or hi-hat hit, you can create a fill or a new beat (Figure 6.163).

Figure 6.163. A set of scrambled slices can provide quick variety to a loop for a break or turnaround.


Save this songwe'll use it in the next section!

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