Slice Files and the NN-XT

The NN-XT, too, can be used as a loop player for Rex files, and can save any changes you make as custom patches. The NN-XT creates key zones automatically when a slice file gets loaded. This makes it easy to layer slice files in groups, play slices backward, or apply filter and control settings.

To turn a slice (Rex) file into an NN-XT track


With your loop player song from the preceding section still open, select Create > NN-XT Advanced Sampler.


Make sure your sampler is hooked to an open Mixer channel, and open the patch browser.


Once again load the patch Reason Factory Sound Bank /Dr Rex Drum Loops/House/ Hse46_Houseback_130_Griffin.rx2.


Open up the Remote Editor to see each slice loaded as a separate sample with its key zone automatically assigned (Figure 6.164).

Figure 6.164. Load a slice file into an NN-XT sampler.


Go to the Dr. Rex 2 track in the Sequencer, and change the device to the NN-XT 1 instrument, using the Out column pop-up menu (Figure 6.165).

Figure 6.165. Assign a loop player track to an NN-XT.

With the NN-XT playing the loop, you gain the ability to use various control settings and outputs for each sample, to play slice files backward, and to save your changes as a sampler patch!

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