Bouncing a Loop

Now you can bounce these loops to a Sequencer track. After this is done, the loop player's controls will still affect the sound. Working inside a track lets you change the slice sequence, edit slice velocities, and input Controller lane data.

To bounce your loops to tracks


Go to the Sequencer window and select the Dr. Rex 1 device track (Figure 6.153). This tells Reason which track you're going to send the notes to.

Figure 6.153. Select a track to bounce a loop to.


Go to your first loop player and click the To Track button (Figure 6.154).

Figure 6.154. Bounce a loop to the Sequencer using the To Track button.

This creates a set of notes in your Sequencer track that repeats throughout your loop. The notes will be surrounded by a box. This is a Sequencer group, and it allows you to move the whole loop as one object in your Arrange window (Figure 6.155).

Figure 6.155. Slice files are given a Sequencer group when bounced. This lets you move them around without changing their relative position.


Go to your Dr. Rex 1 Sequencer track and click the Edit mode button to see what the loop notes look like.

When a loop is bounced to a track, Reason's Sequencer opens up the Rex lane, which arranges slices on a grid. Notes are arranged left to right, bottom to top, starting at Slice #1 (Figure 6.156).

Figure 6.156. The Rex lane shows all the slices.


Select the Dr. Rex 2 track device in the Sequencer.


Go to the second Dr. Rex Rack device, and click the To Track button.

If the Rex loop is longer than your Sequencer loop, the loop player will bounce one full sequence, or enough notes to play through the whole loop once (Figure 6.157).

Figure 6.157. When a loop is longer than the current song loop, Reason bounces one complete length.


Go to your Dr. Rex 2 Sequencer track and click Edit mode to see what the loop notes look like (Figure 6.158).

Figure 6.158. A loop player beat bounced to a Sequencer track


Press play to hear both loops playing together.

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